How far I’ve come

I’ve now officially finished the Michelle Bridges 12wbt! The question is, did I get fitter? The answer is a resounding yes! This morning I got up early to exercise, as I have done almost every morning for the last 12 weeks. I decided to do the same exercise program as I did in week 1, […]

Injured but pushing on

I couldn’t do my learn to run program last week. Was pretty disappointed as I’ve been doing really well with it. I’m up to three minute run intervals and two minute walk intervals and last week was the second week doing that mix. However I’ve got shin splints in/on my left leg which became painfully […]

Attack of the killer rooster

Tonight is the night we got our Internet back. It’s so good to be back online. We now have a brand new satellite connection and whilst it’s a bit slower than the adsl2 in town it’s heaps better than one bar on the mobile! That’s what I wrote last night, then the internet glitched and […]

This week it all changes

We are moving house on Saturday. We’re not moving far, only about 5km down the road. But it means everything will change. To start with I’ll be going on a different route when I head out the door on my learn to run program. I’ve grown quite attached to my route over the last three […]